Sweet Girl
Friday, September 4, 2015 . 0 word(s) .

I love her as my friend i do miss her when we separate for lecture class but i become so annoyed with her pass few days but i dont know why but maybe it because my full moon time but at the same times i'm seriously annoyed with her and i dont know how to face her like this.

Kami berbeza pendapat.
So how?  Setiap kali nak bagi dia menang, we are who we are , who's she to judge me or any other people, can she understand me in my way?  Yes, kalau kita sama pendapat tak kan best la those relationship but can u see when we totally different?  everytime nak dia je yg menang so how about me?  Everytime nak bagi dia je mng that's it?  My relationship is a question, did i need her as my true friends or just use her for my own good? 

I don't hate her.
I just want her to understand people around her more sincerely than judge based on what she's think, don't she think that it would hurt people around her? i just dont hate her either like her.

I'm tired.
Can u see?  But if im the only one who cried about this I'm become more pettier than any other people right?  

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