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Miss and mistake
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 . 0 word(s) .
okay , aku tahu all people in the world are not perfect , so do I but sometimes some unperfect people just want to be happy although they are not perfect . I do miss my best friend but sometimes my mistake make all the happiness gone . Back then , i was crying thinking about my best friend . I was wrong , i make her do not believe me any more . How sad it was ?

Tapi aku patut gembira melihat dia tersenyum , aku patut gembira melihat dia bahagia dan aku patut bersedih bersama dia ...

but now its too late ,

I should realize that I should not exist ,
I should not make her sad ,
Best Friend ,
We always ended like this ,
With my great ego , with my behaviour 
And things going upside down
things change ,

KAlau lah aku tak buat silap , kalaulah aku tak buat kesilapan tu , 
wahai sahabat , 
mesti kita masih bersama ,
mesti kita masih berdua 
sahabat ,
saya akan selalu mendoakan kamu dalam doa ku 
Kerana kamu penting dalam sejarah hidupku,
aku menyayangimu ,
because you're my friend till Jannah ,

One day i will stand in front of the crowded people and said


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